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Resurrection Mary

Andy Lind

written by: Andy Lind



On Archer Avenue, she walks alone
In a dress of shining white
Listen and you can hear her groan
As she walks Chicago’s street at night

At The Willowbrook Ballroom, she once danced
With a boy she thought was hers
Filling her head with ideas of romance
Until she became part of a curse

A hit-and-run along with a broken heart
And no one knowing her ID
Caused her soul to fall apart
And now she moves without a body

Don’t laugh or be filled with pride
Or to Resurrection Cemetery, Mary will ask you for a ride

Andy Lind

Andy Lind

Andy Lind is a third shift factory worker, but by day, he is a writer of romance, suspense, mystery, and a combination of all three. He has been writing since 2013 and is the author of The Galena Romance Series along with several other published poems. He lives in Rockford, Illinois but spends most of his free time traveling up and down The Mississippi River.
Andy Lind

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