A Graveyard Walk, a poem by Kim M. Russell at Spillwords.com
Attila Lisinszky

A Graveyard Walk

A Graveyard Walk

written by: Kim M. Russell



A celebration before winter darkness,
fingering crumbled earth with brightness,

moonlight creeps through autumn turbulence
to gild gravestones hunkered in silence.

Pale breath of lunar light tongues dust
among tattered leaves now turned to rust

and scattered on well-trodden stones,
traces epitaphs and seeks out bones,

meagre offerings for a midnight repast
before the cold season’s hollow fast.

Something else stalks the cemetery
among grey tombs and statuary –

it has disturbed the yew and willow,
left skeleton bundles wrapped in shadow

of crows and field mice in its famished wake,
hunting for more substantial flesh to take.

To walk in a graveyard is to wander in a mix
of tended and untended, unspoken conflicts

of the living and the dead, between lych gate
and church porch, where the undead wait.

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