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Dark Reflections

written by: Kim M. Russell



Avoid the shadow of a black moon
on the night of Halloween,
and don’t gaze into a looking-glass
to see the future or the past.
For if the tides are out of kilter
and you’ve imbibed a magic philtre,
you’ll attract the desire of the one you see:
the you in the mirror won’t let you be.
The smile your friends think of as gleeful
will curl into a smirk most evil,
and those sparkling eyes of blue
will shimmer black right back at you.
Don’t turn around or walk away
unless it’s in the light of day,
not candlelight or pumpkin’s glow;
they will make its powers grow.
Stay with the crowd, no loitering,
introduce your dead ringer as your twin
and, whatever you do, don’t go to sleep
until after midnight, when shadows creep
and your Doppelganger must retire,
or the consequences will be dire.

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