Lost, poetry written by Deogratias S. Kagali at Spilwords.com
Jon Tyson



written by: Deogratias S. Kagali


East is north, west is east,
The compass’ direction lost,
Earth’s magnetic field frost,
Lost is mankind.

Truth is doubtable, lies embraced,
Vices reasonable, kindness questioned,
Beneficence non-cheered, evil justified,
Lost is mankind.

Love unacknowledged, hatred applauded,
Care unrewarded, loved are the irresponsible,
Food omni-poisoned, flowers edible,
Lost is mankind.

Belly front lined, rights violated,
Cruelty for survival, mercy weak considered,
Justice blindfolded, righteousness inversed,
Lost is mankind.

Culture devalued, considered outdated,
Morals dumped, hopeless freedom adopted,
Minds enslaved, reason suspended,
Lost is mankind.

Patriotism disfavored, selfishness sugar-coated,
Identity opaque dark, human race is confused,
All in a lost slumber, who is to be concerned?
Lost is mankind.

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