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A Vintage Memory

written by: Pallavi


Her swiftly failing vintage memory
compels her to ask
"Who are you?"

Unsolicited emotions carefully buried inside
elicit exclamations of sadness and fright
I am the one to whom you sang
whom you called your little lamb
for whom, you loudly and proudly cheered
for whom, you willingly sacrificed many years
to whom you said
"I am you and
you are me
and there can never be an ‘in between’"

I am the one you promised never to forget
I am your daughter, ma
not reminding you that enough, my biggest regret.



Pallavi writes on a myriad of issues pertaining to motherhood and womanhood. The topics that especially tickle her fancy are the ones that are occasionally thrown under the rug or tell an engaging story. Some of her writings have been published in Go Dog Go Cafe, Whisper and Roar and Free Verse Revolution. You can read more on her blog - Curating Thoughts.

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