I Am A Mother and So Are You, poetry by Pallavi at Spillwords.com
Bence Halmosi

I Am A Mother and So Are You

I Am A Mother and So Are You

written by: Pallavi


I struggle as much as you
I trip and topple too
I too ponder over my actions
second and third guess my reactions
I sigh and sift through my thoughts at night
mulling and obsessing over my little’s flight

Guess what, mama…
Like you, my goals are the same
to raise them perfectly in shine and rain
We are only humans and so are they
imperfection is the name of the game
the messes are plenty, for the manuals are missing
you and I, both, have well-meaning intentions

Let’s not judge each other’s dropped balls
in this arduous juggling
Let’s offer a pass or few
for this process is humbling

I am a mother and so are you
Let’s create more cheers than blues!

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