Medusa, poetry written by Ana Risette at



written by: Ana Risette


hear me, a woman
who searches love from the eyes
of men.
them who come to me with swords
and bows.
with burning hearts and raged visages.
hear me, a woman
alone in the shadows of the woods
that have chaunted me hymns of
and detestation from the lips
of the crowd who worshipped the
gods who’ve dirtied my name.
hear me, this maiden of no beauty to behold.
i am cursed.
for a diety’s fault.
must you listen if i tell you, fear me not?
my eyes make stones,
yet inside me beats the heart of a mortal,
fluent in the language
of charity.

hear me, for this voice has long been tuned out,
in the ears of them who’re deafened by the
mendacious song of the deity’s envy.

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