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Stand United

Stand United

written by: Deogratias S. Kagali



In a morning of no brightness
In the air are the whispers of coldness.

In moments of great affliction,
More severely will hearts get broken.
In all these, stand united!

In moments of high expectations,
Are the greatest of disappointments.

When unity is desired and important,
Truth of disunity is learnt.
Even then, stand united!

At the lowest when needing help,
The more thrusted down will be.

At the time of trusting wholeheartedly,
Only then into pieces are hearts shattered.
Even then, stand united.

When tears make running streams,
Surely, onions will be cut even more.

When trials are many and tedious,
And all the tolerance drained,
Hang in there! Stand united.

When the imagined is so positive,
True colors are ever dumb-folding.

The so called beloved, so called friends,
When they turn venomous,
Stand firm, stand united.

The realities of this earthly life,
Are the greatest existent illusions.

Be both, believing and skeptical,
To face all the unexpected,
To survive, Stand united!

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