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On Becoming Ocean

On Becoming Ocean

written by: Pragya Bajpai


You don’t become an ocean overnight.
You must be porous to let the light
touch you, enter you yet, not let you burn.
At the end, swallow the sun.
Be a symbol of momentum;
with no beginning, no end, no point of return.
Remain heartless to the midnight tempest that stirs up rebellion.
Know that sometimes, stars don’t shine;
What’s divine is devil, dismal, unkind

Keep your buoyancy intact with the tidal waves
when hell rises above the horizon.
Bear the wrath, merge with storm
and refuse to be broken.
Let conflicts and sufferings sink
beneath boundless sapphire skin.
Be cold and callous to the frightening
expanse of uncertainty or seafaring experience and
keep flowing until
the abode of love that you are
regains life.

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