Chronic Town, a poem by Jim Wingrove at
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Chronic Town

Chronic Town

written by: Jim Wingrove



I’m going back to Chronic Town, where people look like fists
Where nothing ever matters and no one is dismissed

I’m going to get a china doll and settle for a while
I like to think I have a soul, sometimes I like to smile

I’m going to give the moon a kick and dance upon the stars
In Chronic Town they let you do both tragedy and farce

They let you do most anything, they even let you sleep
And burn away the fever that cuts you to the deep

The beaver come right up to you and bears roll up and down
You’ll often see some buffalo lingering around

They let you die with dignity when you live in Chronic Town
Cancer is your friend and love comes from the ground

The mayor is Jesus Christ and Moses lives there too
As well as the Three Amigos and the cast of Scooby-Doo

It’s a pleasant life in Chronic Town, once you have a stance
You can even buy an aptitude for less than half a chance

You can visit all your feelings, you can realize your desires
And when you’re through, death comes to you, to lead you through the fire

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