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Solstice Savior

Solstice Savior

written by: Doug Hawley



The reverend began his sermon on the Winter Solstice. “It is time to pick the chosen one from our congregation. Picking the most deserving is the most important decision we will ever make. I’ve been thinking and praying for the right decision, and weighing the alternatives for months. Mrs. Jones has loyally supporting us for fifteen years with Sunday school, picnics, and potlucks. Mr. Hadley has provided workers and design for our remodel, and got it done under budget and on time. Mr. Jackson has led the choir for ten years and has written many of our hymns. It has been a very tough decision, but Mr. Hadley is our savior. Jones and Jackson tried unsuccessfully to hide their hurt, while Hadley beamed.

“Come on up to the front Hadley. Do you accept the charge?”

“I do, with the greatest humility.”

“Do our predecessors accept this man to guide our members forever into eternity?”

A mix of ghostly male and female voices which seemed to emanate from the walls responded “We do.”

The reverend took off his gloves and placed his right hand on Hadley’s forehead “Thank you for having the courage and faith to accept your role, the most important role for anyone in our faith for a century until our next savior is chosen.”

Hadley fell down and didn’t stir. Reverend said “Saint Hadley is one with our esteemed predecessors. As we have done in the past, we will report his death to authorities who will say that he died of a heart attack.”

The voice of Hadley seemed to come from everywhere. “The joy of joining my ancestors is beyond anything I could say.”

The reverend told the flock “The ritual you have seen today ensures that none of us will be held by the bounds of death, but will achieve everlasting life in the beyond with our ancestors.”

The parishioners filed out with beatific smiles from the promise of eternal life.

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