Cleaning Plates, a poem written by DeWayne Moore at

Cleaning Plates

Cleaning Plates

written by: DeWayne Moore



Evil comes in many forms and most will spread it around
If we build it up enough
No need to tear it down
Institutions may be crumbling
But walls muffle the sounds

Closed eyes will not save you, and you will hurt anyway
Only concerned with entertainment
And how long you had to wait
It was almost fifteen minutes
Still, someone cleaned your plate

Maybe a hail of gunfire or perhaps alone in bed
When the lights go out
The same words are always said
The lies may give you comfort
As you bury truth just like the dead

I will have a glass of bourbon, or maybe scotch, and hit it hard
But no matter how much I drink
I spoil the child and spare the rod
I do it all according to the evening news
It gets me a little closer to God

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