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Walking The Highway At Night

Walking The Highway At Night

written by: DeWayne Moore



There must be a better place than this
One day I said to my friend
Everything is moving so slow
Feels as if it will never end

With smiling faces, they take my life
Ignorance negating my birth
All so twisted in prose and verse
Nothing matters if I have no worth

Is the truth no defense?
To my friend, I bellow out
There are so many others too
Who also want to scream and shout

So we stay around this place
With no time to sit and wait
Something must be done right now
Before it gets too late

Walking the highway at night
Always with an open eye
Many cars and people pass us by
Every time it happens we deny

Now out in the elements, we walk
Having been cut off at the knees
I ask my friend if we’ll be all right
He says, “Further down the road we’ll see”

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