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written by: Emily Vieweg



I have a 4 leaf clover
in my pocket from 1994
preserved in packing tape
the clear kind.
She joins me on dates and
strokes my dreams as I rest.
I stroke her in waiting rooms and
parent-teacher conferences and
every time I speed.
She comforts me on bad
bipolar days and drinks with me on my birthday
twice a year.
I wonder if she is the company I miss
when I am singing alone
in the shower.

Emily Vieweg

Emily Vieweg

Emily Vieweg is a poet and playwright originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has been published in Foliate Oak, The Voices Project, Red Weather Literary Magazine, Soundings Review, Art Young's Good Morning, Proximity Magazine and more. Emily's debut chapbook "Look Where She Points" is available from Plan B Press. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota where she is a mother of two, pet parent, data processor and adjunct English instructor.
Emily Vieweg

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