Coffin 19, poetry written by Ayomide Thomas at
Engin Akyurt

Coffin 19

Coffin 19

written by: Ayomide Thomas


Here came their proclaimed
Happy New Year
With sighs of an unwelcomed
Virus which takes life from here
A virus in its novelty
Which kills with high cruelty
Year Nineteen should have
Been a peaceful transition
If not for the emergency
Of the deadly coffin 19

It seems all hopes
Of a planned year
In the previous year
Had been buried
Year nineteen has prepared
Not a blissful transition
But a pandemic that ravaged all
Quarter of a good catch
Seems the dimmest hope
All in the heart of coffin 19

Let the dead bury their dead
Is the anthem of the virus
With all hopes painted in red
For those who are at heart not pious
A measure can be taken
Two at its best not shaken

Let supplications be made
With heart towards good deed
Let’s not all cower
But be optimistic like a sower
Who sows in the morning
Waters in the evening
With expectation of good yields
From fruitful and productive fields

Let’s not tremble at its sight
But illuminate like a light
The precautions to take
So that good health we can make
After the deadly disease
In its coffin has come to cease.

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