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written by: Ibrahim “dreezy” Idris


We dreamt of this place
Where souls talk all day
With hearts interlaced
Setting a warm display
Of how feelings interchange
Putting us to shame
Because we can’t communicate
In this type of way

We are bad at expressions
But full of mixed emotions
Words were malfunctioned
Hate replaced affections
Our talks were altercations
As your attention
Only spelt tension
We ended up in detention
Due to failed communication
Our signals unreachable
Our thoughts unspeakable
Mood swings undeniable
Texts were once enough
But blushes aren’t too blunt
Through emojis with a wink
And a smiley sharing a kiss
Only triggered me for more
But you never picked my calls
And you continued to claim
Distance was a test for love
As you constantly fed me
With a fantasy of pure lust

Communicate with me
So we share
A wireless link
Then we realize
Communication in meaning
And speak with each other
With complete reasoning.



Lack of communication ruins everything
Instead of knowing how we feel
We just assume

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