Goddess Of Torment written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com
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Goddess Of Torment

Goddess of Torment

written by: LadyLily



Heart a cold tomb.
Soulless being, a She-Wolf,
born of an Underworld…
Shafts of black,
poured treacle on departed spirit.
Aura, detached, crippled.
Suckled by an Alpha Bitch,
grotty pelt, grimy grey,
thistled tongue,
eyes…puke phlegm pupils.

No blossoms,
no balsamic sweet smell, or…
fantasia, fantasy raindrops.
Neither velour- velvet blue skies…
Just hell bound reds,
sullen sulphur,
sissing serpents.
Heartbeats battle,
threaded wire.

Summoned through
my Master’s putrid portal
by your vixen’s vexations…
Bright gifted nickel necklace
mutates a Black Mamba…
slick venom slurps plasma…
I will vacuum
soured scurrilous thoughts,
place them in purgatory’s vault.
Chew scrawny mind,
then smirk, grimace,
spit on slimy shadow.
I will crank up your poisonous green,
swallow your reflection…
become one.
Dance…until the music fries.
Last slaves slashed, red-raw,
soaked in stench,
fermented in sucked blood.

Morphed again,
now the ‘She’,
surly shadow shed.
Wolf name, ‘Emraef,’
sister of Satan.
I hide horrors behind masks of pretty…
Not ghastly or gruesome,
no hissing or wheezing.
Eyes don’t flame fire.
Teeth jagged not!
Face, no decay!
Pink punk hair…
the colour seen on open flesh.

A hungry howl
inside ones head…
whilst smalt skies flip
to burnt cinnabar.
Personality disfigures,
sadistic action, caustic ideas,
I will mould you…
Shatter you…
Rupture the self.
Then! I will hide.
I am Emraef,
Goddess of Hell.

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