Spring In Town, a poem written by Rando Mithlo at Spillwords.com

Spring In Town

Spring In Town

written by: Rando Mithlo



An altering to deeper green
Clouding streams in circular motion
Scents are raised
Gives you a taste
Leads to some mysterious craving

We’re on a course to chase a source
Visuals of a soft impression
Feet or paws on grassy banks
Creak cautious on a bridge aging

Spring in town and airing out
In my ear the riverine sounds
Offers thought to whatever sought
Of a rougher cut to mill it down

Radiant, your features lit
Being like the glare you’re blocking
Run a mile through wooded wild
No need for any explaining

Resting then on a sheltered bench
Introspect will be ongoing
Jasper found will tumble down
Into a feeder stream for refining

Passing days
A lion tamed
Patina coats relics uncovered
Recalls use that’s come and gone
Your shades reflect a new beginning

Rando Mithlo

Rando Mithlo

Artist and Writer from Los Angeles currently living in Indiana- the bulk of my writings are short stories and poems that deal with a range of subjects including: emotional distress, strange happenings, thrillers and suspensestories.
Rando Mithlo

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