Unwrench, prose written by Kateri M. Walsh at Spillwords.com
Christopher Walsh



written by: Kateri M. Walsh



My heart screams unwrench me from these wires around the gashes, the holes, the tears, the unbare, the pain, the hurt, the sorrow, the yesterdays of tomorrow. Feel it slice in half, ripped into a form of a huge ball bashing against the wall. Picking up the string that was dug into the wound, tangled deep, clinging to hurt unable to break free deep inside of me, bleeding, gushing, pushing to break free from this disease of the break of the heart. The end, the start the part where you tore me apart in a pain that ripped the sane from my brain. All connected body, blood, mind, heart soul glow of peace, where does it lead, where does it go, how to heal the unknown the source of pain that marked you off course? You start from deep within. Untangle the string, sew the hurt back inside to be examined and touched with love and grace to make a better day when wounds are healed from the crack of the broken smile turned around all the while. Up inside the pain, we will go to shine a light on what we don’t know or understand, but to go with God’s plan.

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