You and Me, prose written by Kateri M. Walsh at

You and Me

You and Me

written by: Kateri M. Walsh



From the dawn of time, the fight has been yours and mine. Ours. We. Together, you and me. It’s how we see this time of quest to where we are meant to thrive. It is our destiny, you, and me. The fight is ours to win. It’s bigger than the best intention or the worst sin. It’s deeper than the skin that covers the heart of the soul that lets it all go. It’s you and me fighting for our sanctity, our peace in all this distress. It comes down to this. It is love, it is hate. It is good it is evil. It is the dialectical that binds the tides of time. From the dawn, we have had the rise from the night. Every day we fight the same fight, a new way. Today we rise up and say, this is it. This is where it has to end. We are all equal. Women and men. Black and white and all in between. Don’t they realize it’s not about the color of your skin? How can they not see? Well, we shall open the light of the soul to see what God bestows. What JFK, MLK started so long ago. It’s time to end this blindness of color and shine the light.

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