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Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

written by: Leila Ziari


A global pandemic or apocalyptic blessing?
No, I don’t mean to say that the world is ending
Only the outdated template of this matrix
With each ending something new begins
So beyond the global hysteria and unknown fear
There is an underlying blessing to be acknowledged here
You can call it an apocalypse and it is in its own sense
But let me tell you this
Humanity stubbornly refused to heal on their own
To a corrupted system, they sold their souls
Riddled with self loathing overworked and overstressed
Polluted their grounds—assassinated their own home
So a manifested virus was born
Complete and utter madness, sure
But that’s been the song and dance of our world for far too long
A rude awakening had to occur

No other way this plan could be executed
Not when Earth needs to be rebooted
Not by acts of violence or man made greed
Nor a catastrophic earthquake or natural event
But a pandemic that threatens people’s ability to breathe
Honestly, that’s the day to day life business
The only difference is the ripple effect
Touching every soul on the planet
Divine intervention—an equal attack
By means of this global pandemic
Collectively unifying each being on earth
A global ascension—a rebirth
Teaching us to ban together and practice kindness
A revolution of oneness
Spawned from the gloom of a virus

Cosmic justice—scales of balance
For all actions have consequences
Put on a time out—isolation
Forced stillness amongst the constant chatter
A fast paced system of materialism
An overindulgent societal need to splurge
Caused this pause for purification—a necessary purge
It’s ok to feel like your world is ending
Or have fear in the unknown
For the current situation is quite unsettling
But it’s all about changing your perspective
These are normal reactions of emotional releasing
For we are undergoing multi-dimensional cleansing
Mother earth and its inhabitants all collectively healing
An assassination or a blessing?

Dire circumstances indeed
As many human beings are left to grieve
A storm is in progress—a tornado of unease
But it’s no longer about chaos or stressing
Focusing only on death and disease
It’s about compassion and love whilst we are ascending
This healing business can be completely and utterly messy
But faith in humanity must exist during this transition
Love thy neighbor—assist your friends
Support the artists—local businesses
Unify as we integrate into this new dimension
Help your peers by staying cool, calm and collected
For the reign of darkness and terror is ending
Collectively dissolving the chains of oppression
Into the light of a new dawn, we are transitioning

For let me tell you, the new regime is on the rise
And slowly but surely the old systems will die
Disintegrating into sand—drifting away like tides
Freedom from shackles of an insufferable timeline
A necessary wake up call in order for our species to survive
Civilization has been on a steady decline
Unable to bear the weight of hate, greed, ignorance
Destroying the planet we rely on for life
Whilst injustices thrive
A civilization based on theft and lies
A complete global adjustment being witnessed before our eyes
The old ways decompose—a new path designed
Time of to harness fresh streams of consciousness
Higher frequency energy—heightened awareness
Leveling up as a species—progress

Visualizing this scene from a higher perspective
I’m empathic—I don’t discount death and disease
People losing their incomes— their life lines
Worried about mouths to feed
But this is all part of the shift—transcendence
For the death toll, for now, will continue to rise
I feel for the pain in the planet
The horror and sorrow of all affected lives
If I sound cold hearted or detached
It’s because I understand humanity’s neglect caused this sickness
So I choose to find the silver lining in this chaotic web
Find the beauty in the magnificence of a systematic reset
So stop feeding mass hysteria deeming this the apocalypse
It’s just the dawning new era
The golden age—a fresh beginning
A universal awakening

Welcome to the age of Aquarius
For years we have prayed for this shift
Putting our desires for expansion into the vortex
The dawning is upon us—a global expansion
Rebirthing humanitarianism within this paradigm shift
Time to tune in⁠—tap into your higher intelligence
Trust in your intuition
Crack your own source energy system
Nourish your body mind and spirit
Go within yourself for deep cellular healing
For love is the name of the game
The only way to stay sane amidst a crisis or any other phase
As we tune into history in the making
Whilst witnessing a communal rearranging
Of a new era of dynamic union throughout the nation
Breaking through delusion⁠—a world wide illumination

Though madness is sometimes amusing
Diseases and change can be awfully confusing
Just remain grounded and calm
Stay positive during the collective shift
This was destined—fated
The fan had to be hit with some shit
In order for the earth to keep us inhabited
For years we’ve been busy ignoring the sickness
Gaia has been fighting to hang on
So global an emergency emerged with little time to process
All this fast paced social distress—the fallout of a virus
It is merely a catalyst for a world ignored
Inevitably this disease will move along as life is reborn
So have compassion—love yourself—activate peace within
For inner strength can weather any storm

All I have to offer is my love—my words
A doctrine of my own truth
Personally, I’m grateful to witness the unraveling
To build a better foundation for the future—our youth
Surely civilizations before have crumbled—ceasing to exist
But death is not to fear
Even so, I can tell you this is not our earthly end my dear
So enjoy your time in isolation
Be grateful for the time of contemplation
Healing, clearing and preparation
Tis the dawning of a brand new vibration
A coming together as a community
Despite this time of quarantine
Harness the powers you possess
As we strap ourselves in for this much needed reset
So say hello to liberation my friends
Welcome to the 5th dimension

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