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written by: Jamie Leigh Jones



Phasing in and out of my body like a ghost of past and present riding the waves of my being
Is it really me that I feel or is it a fading soul I'm seeing
Colors swirl as my hand shifts back and forth in the wind
Leaving a trail of myself with the confusion and love that I send
Glistening dust surrounding me as the magic of the cosmos I breathe in
Slowly fading away as I feel a tingling sensation in my skin
I become the colors that brighten up the darkest skies
Floating away into the Heavens where now my spirit lies
Phasing into angel dust that will forever live on
My soul now at peace knowing that the essence of my truth will never be gone

Jamie Leigh Jones

Jamie Leigh Jones

I'm a published Author and Poet from Mount Olive NC working on a four book series and a member of the North Carolina Poetry Society. I only hope to spread the thoughts from my heart for all to read and enjoy.
Jamie Leigh Jones

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