An Untethered Soul written by Bitupan Das at

An Untethered Soul

An Untethered Soul

written by: Bitupan Das



I walked through the mountains,
Saw the mountain play with veils,
Without veils, her naked beautiful body,
And felt it during the cold long nights,
Kissed the morning sunshine,
Touched the green and brown,
Long grown soft grass,
Naked my feet,
Sang the sweetest song,
With the foreign lovebirds,
Wrote the most beautiful poems,
Dancing with the MASAKALI lakes, deer,
Composed the most beautiful song,
Mellifluous symphony of nature,
Breathed in the evening gentle breeze,
And felt the touch, through my hair,
Upon my whole naked body,
Closing my eyes!
But carrying my body buried five feet under.
And still, my eyes are hurting to see her beautiful face,
My ears are bursting to hear her sweetest voice,
My lips are dying of thirst,
My body of hunger for her soft touch,
My words are crying to spell her name,
My heart is reminiscing the rhythm,
My lung is out of air to breathe again.

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