A Plea To Entropy written by lagoondry at Spillwords.com

A Plea To Entropy

A Plea To Entropy

written by: lagoondry




Blushed as it brushed Felicia’s

Back: Draping Earthly tones on Heavenly Curves.

Silk sheet surrounded sections of her shape,

Creating a kaleidoscope of fabric and flesh.


Refreshing Night is compromised by Light,

I bite my lip equipped with lustful spite.

Despite attempts to keep this moment safe,

The Dawning Day has washed my bedroom white.


A lick of Daylight trickles to her face,

She merely stirred, my moment’s safe…


My apprehensive pupils dilate,

To confiscate this glow from morning’s yawn.

I rack my mind for inexpensive pay,

To pray this moment holds throughout the morn.


I eye her as she Dreams, is it of me?

I stroke her curls and kiss her melanin,

I hope that she is it, my medicine.

Is this girl my light, my genesis?


A lick of Daylight trickles to her face,

She merely stirred, my moment’s safe…


I need a plan within this frame of rhyme,

My foe is Time I need it to comply.

I’ll do it with some spiritual chemistry,

And so, I pray to you: Entropy.


I know your slave is Time so tell him this:

“Release this Poet and his sleeping Miss,

“From your frozen lake where mortals slip,

“Cast them far away from where you lay.


“And if that’s helpless multiply their space,

“So that your palms can’t hold it all in place.

“And if that’s futile shrink this hour down,

“So that it trickles through your hard embrace.”


A lick of Daylight trickles to her face,

She merely stirred…


Before my words could craft more cunning ways,

The birds began unmuted melodies,

Pedestrians clamoured,

Cars drove down the street.

Her phone began to agitate and bleep.


Felicia’s eyes now set upon my own,

Her smile dissolved the sorrow in my heart.

I guess it’s left onto our mortal bones,

To make sure that these seconds weren’t our last.



Hey all,

My alias is lagoondry and I'm a science teacher from South London.

I'm looking to produce a collection of secular poems, short stories and novels. Humans are spiritual creatures, even though I think spirits do not exist. My aim so to produce art that nourishes the spiritual modules of the non-believer.

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