Land Of Restricted Heights written by Chasity Gaines at

Land Of Restricted Heights

Land of Restricted Heights

written by: Chasity Gaines



I stood for eons
childlike in my eagerness.
Waiting for the long snaking
line to grow shorter.
Like that game we played as a kid
the snake growing longer.
My anticipation held back
Like mother’s arm when
she slams on brakes.
Sweet smells of sugary
golden funnel cakes dance
in the air, as burning grease
hangs on. My hands a sticky mess,
my eyes agape. Oh wait!
I cry out, the line’s a’ moving now!
Excited to take those first shaky
steps onto the well-worn platform.
Hoping this year I
don’t have to stand high on
tipped toes to reach the hand
of unrestricted heights.

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