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written by: Georgy


I leave the door
A crack-wide open,
As I feel
It bids the light on in.
But ever since
My heart was broken,
It revealed
The light was never dim.
I leave the door
A crack-wide open,
In hopes
Of a return to him.



We should appreciate the things and people we have, whilst we still can.  All of us become guilty, sooner or later, of forgetting our imminent surrounds whilst striving for better.  Often enough we oversee that what we need we already have!  Do not let the chance of telling someone you love them or simply enjoying the moment pass by.  There will come a time we will no longer be able to do so.



I am 20 years old and an economics student. My passion, true self and my safehaven, though, lie in literature, in writing. Hence, I aspire to becoming a published author, as I would love to share my work and am currently working on my first novel.
In general my life consists of writing, making music, enjoying motor racing (yes, despite being a girl) and sweets (lots and lots of sweets).

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