Crosses in the Whirlwind by Sidonamarie at

Crosses in the Whirlwind

Crosses in the Whirlwind

(hold tight)

written by: sidonamarie



thoughts and


dreams and


a whirlwind that winds

within our minds

alarming, debating,

and reflecting

about traumas and missteps,

about mistakes and slights,

that bite at our spirit

to become

our burdens—

our crosses

that cause us

to lose courage

or move too fast

out of fear—

so slow down

your steps and breathing,

be mindful of your soul

and who you are truly,

then through the thorns go,

holding tight

to our Father’s

strong and gentle hand

and watching carefully

for those briers,

brambles, and brushwood

that cause us

to forget our heart

and that soon the thicket

will turn to green grass

with wildflowers

in full bloom at last

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