Final Goodbye, poetry by Shalini Samuel at
Catrina Carrigan

Final Goodbye

Final Goodbye

written by: Shalini Samuel



The clock ticked faster to end the last day
The well-lit room looked somber and dusty
Solemn goodbyes brought tears to my cheeks
Why should I have to leave this place?
Every limb ached, and I could walk no more
I felt like a used, broken can in a garbage bin
The sighs grew louder and reached the trees.
A featherless crow from the east window laughed.
I turned my gloomy eyes to the chatter of the crow
I saw a happy kid in her hopping from branch to branch
Building her eternal nest, maybe? She wasn’t counting her age
She wasn’t allowing anyone to proclaim her retirement
Back home, I knew I would be alive and active forever.

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