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written by: Shalini Samuel



The old demitasse cup squeaks from the scullery
Hanging to a frail string I watch the vivacious verdure
The whispers of pans, the spoons’ clamour- I hear not
The blue Kingfisher and me- lost in a mindless trance.

The rustle of the leaves lifts my head- a demoiselle in white
Ignorant eyes, sculpted jawbone- priceless pretty princess
Uninvited sentinel I become to that charismatic charm
Taciturn, she pretends to have never seen my silhouette.

Blocked by the magnificent old teak door, I stand helpless
Unscathed, easily baggage enters as if sliding on a carousel
The retinue of ants across the window sill- a military parade
A wayward creeper from the west had found its way inside.

But I, I kept staring at the verandah- someday I could meet her
Seasons changed, the neem flowers turned brown-manure
Will I be able to glimpse the charm before the end of my tenure?
I kept waiting, by the palace side, hoping for an opportunity.

Days go on and on, changes befall every nook and corner
My mind still longs to fulfil that dream, a time-sucking mirage.
I too was going to be that neem flower sooner, time ticks off
I could never adorn her hair, nor become her bewitched smile

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