Never Mine, a poem by Roxana Veronica at
Stephany Lorena

Never Mine

Never Mine

written by: Roxana Veronica


My body was never mine,
So I tried to die
First I froze, hoping it would be enough.
But it never was.

My mind was never mine,
So I tried to change it.
Filled it with hate, anger and confusion
Hoping it would be enough
But it never was.

My memories were never mine,
So I tried to forget all good,
Focus on the bad,
Focus on what is expected,
Focus on the opposite of what’s expected,
Hoping it would be enough,
But plot twist,
It never was.

My life was always mine,
But I could not grasp it
My stomach was too big
My thighs were too thick
My voice was too strong or too weak,
But my hands were always beautiful.
It’s funny how randomly we choose
To hate ourselves.
So funny that I do not laugh.

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