Sometimes I Heal, a poem by Roxana Veronica at
Tommy van Kessel

Sometimes I Heal

Sometimes I Heal

written by: Roxana Veronica


Sometimes, I am sad
I do not allow it
I keep it hidden
Like old lovers photographs

Sometimes, I am alone
And I run from the feeling
As fast as I can
But how long can you run before you get tired?

Sometimes, I feel like this is my life now
Though my mind knows different,
Though my body is different,
I’m still forgetting how temporary it all is.

I transcend to being that sad girl
That used to cry alone
And feel alone
And not enough
And unwanted.

But I want her now,
I want to keep her company,
Let her cry when it’s overwhelming
Let her feel the loneliness
And let her feel it’s passing too.

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