Cruel, flash fiction by Zary Fekete at
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written by: Zary Fekete



She pushed open the library door. It gave a sharp crack as it struck against the door stop. The librarian looked up sharply. She walked across the carpeted expanse, her footsteps thudding quietly. The girl was sitting at a far table with her books. When she reached the girl, she slid into the seat across from her and took out her phone. It took the girl a moment, but then she looked up.


“Hello yourself.”

She sat a moment, the phone still in her hand, dark. Then she flicked the screen and it lit up. The girl watched her silently. She turned the phone around to show the girl.

“Where did you get that?”

“It’s you then?”

“Who gave it to you?”

“I got it from him.”

The library sat still around them. She held the phone out to the girl a moment longer and then turned it back around. She tapped a few moments on the screen and turned it around to show the girl again. The girl’s mouth quivered a moment. Then she hit “send”, stood up, and walked out.

The bell rang. The students stood up with some chatter. The room emptied. She put her last book into her bag and then walked toward the door.

“Stay a moment.”

She turned back. The teacher held up a finger and beckoned her to the desk. She hesitated and then slowly walked back.

“A pic was sent around.”

“These things happen.”

“This one’s nasty.”

“Too bad, I guess.”

“Why did you do it?”

She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and glanced at the door.

“It wasn’t me.”

“Sure, it was.”

“I never did.”

“Show me your phone, then. It’s easy to clear up.”

She hesitated just a moment. It was enough.

“Go to the office. Now.”

She sat in the chair. The principal looked at her a while before speaking.

“I’ll take that.”

She handed him the phone.

“What’s the code?”

She told him.

“When do I get that back?”

He didn’t answer. He stared out the window a moment.

“The police want to talk to you.”

Her heartbeat. For a moment she couldn’t speak.

“Go. Your mother is almost here. She’ll be taking you home.”

She stood up slowly and then walked out of the office. By the time she reached the front door of the school, she had quieted her heart. She waited for her mother and looked at the sky and told herself she had it coming.

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