A Beach Scene in Australia, a poem by Beth Warren at Spilwords.com
Cat Mastro

A Beach Scene in Australia

A Beach Scene in Australia

written by: Beth Warren


Pristine water beckons to me,
A million tiny diamonds sparkle on the horizon,
The ocean roars with a fury,
And lures me with a siren’s song.

Many bravely meet her challenge,
All are hopeful of a return.
Seagulls squawk and squeal and scavenge.
The harsh sun’s rays intend to burn.

Emboldened waves flow toward the shore,
Stoic rocks ensure they are no more.
Children’s laughter travels in the air.
Dense vegetation that needs no care.

A shaded playground awaits safe and sound,
Proud parents keep a watchful eye.
Trees with gnarled roots above the ground,
Giant pines stretch upward to the sky.

Nubile nymphs parade up and down,
Weak swimmers trying not to drown.
Boardriders duck and weave the course,
Navigating nature’s force.

A newness and rawness are ever-present,
The confidence of another tomorrow,
All is as it should be and need not relent,
Another day as this will follow.

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