Magic Times, a poem by Theta Pavis at

Magic Times

Magic Times

written by: Theta Pavis



When you dressed me as Cleopatra
I won the costume contest,
standing on the school stage, draped in royal
purple polyester, surveying my subjects,
a tinfoil crown on my head,
embellished with a small silver snake
shining over my hair. You knew flair.

I was a gypsy girl in dime store gold,
A cowgirl in faux and fringed buckskin,
Princess Leia loose in velvet folds of white,
brown yarn hair buns coiled and
set in place with secret bobby pins.

I was a robot with working lights,
I was a witch, I was a ghost. I was your girl.
I could be anything. You made
life fun sometimes. You made it
magic. You made the number
seven in M & M’s on my chocolate
cake. Mama you could be so sweet.

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