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David Laws



written by: R William Standish



Voice is opinion out loud
Genius is easy say it first and be right
You have two the one hidden inside should be your guide…

One voice unique, to sound the same, one picture for all to view, equalities curse is its cost

Find your voice in what was written, remove the dust, did we interpret it right
look deep into the darkness of your shadows, be brave, can I be your light

Am I strong enough to offer you the one thing you could not offer your true self
a safe place to cry, acceptance, emotions are the soul’s honesty

Strive for a journey impossible, equality is not supported by singularity, so what do you seek
One voice can inspire change rarely without terrors promise of persecution

Society today allows single spirits to leave the heard, special interest celebrates those that celebrate popular cause, pass judgment on the ones that stand in the way

Truth’s dirt is useful to cover up where it bleeds it’s there before our eyes acceptance no need

Tragedy is where answers are born everything will eventually happen pain is often necessary when free choice will not embrace destinies plan

Why did ancient life require sacrifice to their God we are all destined to sacrifice without invitation it is life’s only real promise, journeys change destination the same

No confidence in the new way we communicate text a conversation we would never say no one accounts for the words they chose safety of anonymity is how we live bully accuse and body shame

Addicted to technology push how fast we grow our children grow up younger faster take our advances and live the disaster

We fight against how they use technology but it’s the world we have given them no apology

Our nations identity is evolving in ways never conceived, the runaway lesson history fails to teach, answers to all can only be found if the seeker embraces what nature embraces

Create a new world with new world law, fall into the trap and allow corruptions hand seek commerce and material gains and repeat past causes

Justice not a scale, but a pendulum of social pressure and power, money creates morality the truth often not, new world old ways

Peace keepers on the world stage, hide our shame with the reservations we made
United Nations honour at stake, forgive us our trespasses our historical mistakes

Communisms equal promise is democracies disguise, remove greed and there may be a chance but government serves the top and scraps feed the rest

One breath in I feel hope exhale to take another and I pray for the rope, why in a land of such opportunity do we destroy ourselves, explore our way across the galaxy to repeat our failures once more

Fear is quite a teacher we never leave school fear is never far from any one until there is nothing left to lose


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