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Crying Earth

written by: Roland Wiebe


Lines blurred
Between heaven and damnation
Lands drowned on antipodes
Buddhists killing Muslims
Great cities sinking
Forests in flame
Fish are precious
Yeshua is continually crucified
We kill innocence
Over and over
So that we can strip the silver from the gold
Refine the scream
Which rips us from the garden
Burning bodies and sending souls spherical
From this dying orb
Into our imaginations
Of the Apple tree in the glade

Roland Wiebe

Roland Wiebe

Raised in the Northern California sticks and that Southern Indian jungles, schooled in the Kansas plains, fathered three beautiful humans, nurtured gardens and communities, remarried three years ago to my soulmate. I live in Sonoma County California, soon-to-be retired from a mind numbing government job of 30 years, writer of essays and poetry for 40 years.
Roland Wiebe

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