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Customer Service

Customer Service

written by: Thomas Park



Perhaps you should stand holding a torch
Like the famous statue
Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

Presented entropy
Broken toy, shoe wrong size
Dress worn then discarded

In a shrine of sorts
Neither metal not plastic
Dyed the company colors– Technology
A window to system, truth,
Financial forgiveness
Or its lack

Your card is Bucky Dent
Catcher of famed repute
Genuine or no– the ball comes your way
Again and again for hours

Lose your shape, test your faith
Address and resolve
These matters are beyond you, not of you
For which you are made responsible

I almost cried a little
Truly savior you are
Pinned up for the relentless evils
Of capitolistic acquisitiveness
Greed and negligence

Waves of nitpicking numbskulls

My unsung hero, near minimum wage
The customer service representative

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