From Dark, poetry written by Ash Douglas at

From Dark

From Dark

written by: Ash Douglas



I walked in the shadows
before I knew any light
ashamed, guilty, and full of regret
my only out was running toward the dark
where I belonged
there, to slither between mistake after mistake
and masquerade with a beating heart
the scene was set in rhythm and sweat
people would stare, stare straight through me
I wanted it…I deserved it
nobody allowed to peek beyond that curtain
to see who was in control, what was in control
all they did was help bury it deeper
beneath the guise of a lie
then came the day where a key unlocked a clue
a tiny sparkling light
which found me, in await, to be let free
…from dark



When you think your world is full of darkness, don’t worry as the light is out there and you will find it. Like I did, through writing.

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