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Darkness and Clarity

Darkness and Clarity

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


I go by the hand of darkness.
She promised, take me to the light.
Without further ado, I trusted her blindly.
The road is inhospitable and very long.
I start to get apprehensive and anxious.
I‘m getting to be afraid
Fear sets in.
Finally, I am overcome with panic.
I scream wildly
But no one comes to my aid.
The darkness is on spider palps
To control me.
My despair is too great
Because I feel cheated.
How did I get fooled?
This thought
It becomes my own torture.
I get stuck in the maze
Where despair led me.
I look stunned, in all directions
And I don’t see the way out.
The darkness tries to calm me down
But without success.
I already labelled it
As an enemy to slaughter.

Unexpectedly, but only for me
Because of despair
My judgment was dulled
A point of light
It begins to form at a distance.
A glimpse of hope
It loomed in my eyes
And a slight smile
In the left corner of my mouth.
My wish is to start running
I am thirsty and hungry for clarity.
The darkness
Although it’s no longer as severe
Brakes my will
Prevents compulsion.

In a streak of intelligence
And common sense
I decide to be calm and patient.
When walking slowly, without haste
I have time to observe
Increasing the light point
That will quench my discomfort.
I have time to absorb the approach
From the air perfumed
By the scent of flowers.
To hear the birds chirping.
I have time
To give my brain time
To record, assimilate
And archive everything In proper order.
In order, to give me order
To enter the light
Completely free!

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