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Dead Poets Ball

written by: Stephanie Lynn Hilpert



Emily Dickinson sits in the center of eternity.
She is dressed in a gown of shyness.
Edgar Allan Poe asks her for this dance,
but she declines. His darkness repels her.

John Keats also notices the shy, American,
poet. She just turns away. Pablo Neruda
reads a poem to Maya Angelou being the
romantic that he is. They dance together.

Allen Ginsberg watches Charles Bukowski.
Shakespeare dresses in the blue of the evening
and he walks up to Christina Rossetti. They
dance on a floor of immortality at the dead poets ball.

Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

Stephanie Lynn Hilpert is a published poet.
She cares about issues involving the mentally ill/homeless.
Stephanie has always used her writing to vent about issues that concern her.
Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

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