Dearest Santa, a poem by Annalyn Neo Celeste at

Dearest Santa

Dearest Santa

written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



I’ve found myself a perfect wish
Why don’t you let me be the gift?
Wrap me with all the luck
And send me to a bachelor hunk

Done with my singleness degree
Even travelled the world for free
Sufficed with my shopping’s spree
Somehow tired of being just “me”

Promise to satisfy his cravings
Quench his thirst with warm kisses
Intimidate him to submission
Will keep him begging for more and more

A partner, an ally, a companion
Someone I can tease and annoy
Someone to grow old with
But make sure he is full of wit

Yet, if all else fails
An option must be nice
Maybe a loveless marriage with a Kiwi
With a guaranteed citizenship for me

I know the world is in a limbo
Most of the time my head too
Whatever I get, either of the two
Thank you! I know you’ll make my wish come true!

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