Death Worn, a poem written by Kelli J Gavin at

Death Worn

Death Worn

written by: Kelli J Gavin



I am worn
Some would say death worn
I can not keep doing this
Life is so daily
The waking
The realization they are still gone
The grieving
The cracking open
The bleeding
This heart of mine is damaged
It seems like a vicious cycle
Day in
Day out
Over and over
And then one day
Another loved one is swept away
Death wrapping around them
Taking them too soon
Away from this earth
I don’t want to hear
God needed them more
Don’t say that
When one is death worn
That will not comfort
I keep proclaiming
Oh death where is your sting
Oh grave where is your victory
I know this to be true
But today the pain resides
Grabbing ahold
Depleting all oxygen
Attempting to destroy
It makes me moan from the depths
Of my death worn soul
I clasp my hand over my mouth
Attempting to muffle the cries
That seem to escape me
When I least expect it
Tell me it gets easier
Lie to me if you must
That the day in
And day out
Over and over
Will cease at some point
Let it be soon
Please tell me
Lighten my load
Repair my brokenness
Mend this ache
I am worn
Some would say death worn
And I care not
To feel this way
Ever again
I am worn

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