Decima II, a poem written by José A Gómez at

Decima II

Decima II

written by: José A Gómez


El sol siempre esta afuera

Para el huerto alumbrar

Cafetales y el frutar

Gozan siempre de su dicha

Mas paciente que de prisas

Cria el hombre su ganado

No por eso son hermanos

Yo me atrevo a especular

Que si vamos a alumbrar

Los mejores son los hachos.

Jose A Gomez

Jose A Gomez

Why I write? I can give you thousands of reasons but nonetheless it's a desire to chat, and share my thoughts with you; ideas and motives that can make us discern, and help us comprehend why things are so. Should we be in accordance or not, I've met my goal which is to make you think.
Jose A Gomez

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