Delving Into The Vicarious Mystique, poem by Catfish McDaris at
Library of Congress

Delving Into The Vicarious Mystique

Delving Into The Vicarious Mystique

written by: Catfish McDaris


Heartbroken and afraid of the mysterious,
death everywhere, surrounded by germ
warfare, rotting black plague victims flung
by catapults, malaria, yellow fever, small

Pox, napalm, dynamite, plastique, white
phosphorous, bullets, nerve gas, sarin, ricin,
fire, drones, poison, howitzers, mortars,
nuclear missiles, machetes, spears, rifles

Hey Uncle Sam, so you’re the boss, where
ever you go, there you are, you’ve done some
taboo things, the Wovoka is doing a Ghost
Dance in your honor, quietly go home, now.

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