Nirvana - Where Do You Start Out? poem by Maxine Swart at
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Nirvana – Where Do You Start Out?

Nirvana – Where Do You Start Out?

written by: Maxine Swart



We all have a story to tell
Each of us has our own recollection of the portraits and wallpaper that hang on the walls of hell.
The pain and burden, stem from everything but discernment.
Will never feel any of us deserved it.
Some will say you earned it but really what you should do is make sure you learn from it instead of letting those burdens darken your soul and leave a forever yearning.
Become the karma and learn the lesson
Pay your debt and not the dancing lessons with the devil.
Break the karmic ties to our soul that is yearning
to be free of this hurt and burden.

Story a fantasy or a fable
We all need to feel like we bring something to the table.
For men, it’s their expectation to provide.
For women, it’s the repeat of an old cycle called coincides with what they are programmed to act and appear like…
and for kids, it’s about learning about life…

But who do they learn it from?
Yeah, that’s right, dad and mom…
And they learned from their parents who also had stories untold.
Some will let the lessons unfold and carry them over by being brave and bold and in doing so breaking generational curses for the young and old.

And others,
I guess those remain the stories untold,
the burdens never to unfold
and the lessons never to uphold.

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