Do It Now, a poem by Charley De Inspirator at
Joe Gardner

Do It Now

Do It Now

written by: Charley De Inspirator



The spirit is preaching
Volunteering as a device
And I’m not just teaching
But I’m taking my own advice

If you’re feeling insignificant
Then you better think again
Cuz I see you as a blazing furnace
But I don’t know your point of view

A fortress that needs to be replenished.
What’s wrong with you?
Step out of your limit you don’t need a comfort zone
Your dreams need you, don’t sleep on it

You are bigger than the picture you’ve been framed to see
All those beauty and brilliance
Wrapped Inside your arsenal

Be extravagantly impactful
Fear no foe and let it out
Why is it so hard for you to see
that you’re part of something way bigger?

What do you think will be your legacy?
What do you stand for?
If today was your funeral
What do you expect me to say?

Should I go with business as usual
Or should I say I DID THIS because of you
As your child, I want to tell my friends
My Father/Mother did it and I’m proud of it

It’s time to step out of societal estimate
Fuel up your destiny
They’re more to your path then where you’re currently at
Now is the time, DO IT

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