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A Spider's Saga

written by: Nishand Venugopal



We are here, there and everywhere,
Calling us just insects it's not fair,
Please understand there is nothing to fear,
Awareness about us must be clear,
Are you afraid of the eight legs, numerous eyes, and our walk on the walls?
Which remind you of the stories you have heard about haunted halls,
In reality, we are simple,
The help we do for you is ample,
Always busy in our deed,
The duty that we follow as a creed,
Insects that can devour life sources if not controlled,
We are here to keep them on hold,
A silky web that some of us create,
That's our home and dining plate,
Some of us are experts in ambush,
We can hunt our prey inside home or out there in the bush,
Amazing are the homes that we make,
Some of us use trap doors that are fake,
To trap the prey and avoid enemies,
Tricks in our hands are passed on for centuries,
Not everyone can survive in the urban landscape,
Our habitats are important for our escape,
Arachnids are the group that we belong,
Serving nature is what we have done lifelong,
We can coexist in this Earth indeed,
You must remember our plea and please pay heed,
Chemicals are causing us huge distress,
This is a point that we would like to stress,
Specialists among us live in a viable space,
All that we ask is land and some peace,
Require the respect for the work we do,
'Not every hero wears a cape' it's a quote that everyone knew...

Nishand Venugopal

Nishand Venugopal

Worked previously with CNN - NEWS18 as a Producer. Currently working on a website which combines pictures, literature and works related to conservation and animal kingdom.
Amateur Nature Photographer...Happy to click moments that matter and loves to share and educate about it. Trying to do some bit in conserving nature. Volunteering for WWF and an occasional traveller...
Nishand Venugopal

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