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When Spring Comes Again c2019

When Spring Comes Again c2019

written by: Pamela Tyree Griffin


And when Spring comes again –
with the month which includes your birthday-
we will smile. 

For a moment we shall not recall
that your birthday cake will
not materialize.
There will be no candles
casting shadows from a ballet of tiny flame.
We will temper our glee
for the sadness never leaves for long.

When Spring comes again –
and our hearts beat selfish and unrelenting-
we will say a desperate prayer
longing for you to be there

when Spring comes again



In memory of and love for my precious little brother (1963 – 2019) RIP

Pamela Tyree Griffin

Pamela Tyree Griffin

Pamela retired from the 9-5 world in order to travel with her husband, see her children and do the other so called best laid plans now dashed by COVID. She has always written and in many genres. She created and edited the award winning Shine Journal publishing others' literary works! She has many hobbies but writing sustains her. She volunteers with Hospice and is active as a Coast Guard Volunteer. She's afraid of clowns, snails and holes however loves to read horror. Other than that she's pretty normal.
Pamela Tyree Griffin

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