Plotting The Downfall by Paul Anthony Obey at

Plotting The Downfall

Plotting the Downfall

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



It’s not wrong to remove the incompetent and weak,
Or form legion to plan safe departure,
A history littered with injustice for the old and the meek,
The destination of the ultimate adventure,

Easier now than ever, with technological tools,
No backstabbing is literally required,
Scattered whispers of kings who then became fools,
Given no option, before permanently retired,

For the brazen, brave soldiers, much reward awaits,
Treat their sickness of mind with no passion,
Repeating the past, with the help of your mates,
Break the world, like it’s going out of fashion,

Rise, you patriotic assassins, with a knowing wry smile,
suppress all vindictive illusion so deep,
For the good will excel, tell yourself all the while,
Win the right to be better, to sleep.

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