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Do You Feel As I Do Now?

written by: Greg Massey



Do you feel as I do now when I knock on the door of the abyss?
Dark walls of uncertainty line the corridor as you peep beyond hell's slit.
All that I hold dear does not hold me in return; no clarity, vague, and void from the epoch in which we began.
Do you feel as I do now as I watch you step away?
Yet, I descend with you stride for stride, though you do not garner your gaze towards me.
I'm reminded to stand firm when the door opens for me, shielding you from the deception that sways in the darkness, avoiding the ambuscade that will despoil our core should I enter.
Do you feel as I do now when I knock on the door of the abyss?
Do you hold your breath until my return?
Do you rage inside as the lining of your soul is evulsed as I wander aimlessly?
Do you feel as I do now, detached from you?
Do you feel as I do now?

Greg Massey

Greg Massey

JAN/FEB 2020 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Greg Massey is an American writer and poet who resides on his farm in Olive Branch, Mississippi.
He obtained his B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of MS and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.
Greg is an English professor at Northwest Community College.
Greg Massey

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